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Gift Ideas for Eyeglass Wearers

Perfect for Any Occasion

The Holidays are arguably the most wonderful time of the year. Getting the ideal gift for people you care about is an excellent way to express appreciation for them this holiday season. If a loved one on your gift list is an eyeglass wearer, then gift shopping just got easier.

Eyewear can protect your eyes, enhance your vision, and provide a great fashion statement for avid readers. There are also numerous eyewear accessories you can opt for that are unique stocking stuffers. To aid your search, here are a few gifting ideas that will make your eyeglass-wearing mom, dad, or kids happy this holiday season.

Gifts for Dad

Dads who are into outdoor activities enjoy functional gifts. In the fishing world, for instance, eyes are an important tool that helps scan vast water expanses and pick out fish. Getting your dad polarized sunglasses will protect and enhance their visibility. The sun’s ultraviolet (UVA/UVB) rays pose the most serious risk when out on a long hike or laid back in a lawn chair by the lakeside.

The ideal sunglasses must block out harmful rays, have lenses free of distortion, and ensure proper color recognition. ICU Eyewear offers an extensive catalog of polarized sunglasses for filtering harmful UVA and UVB rays that can damage your cornea, lens, and retina while pursuing any outdoor activity. 

In this digital era, your dad is likely spending extra hours working in front of a computer screen. Staring at the screen without proper eye protection can cause headaches, eye fatigue, and dry eyes. Luckily, you can gift dad our ScreenVision® blue light glasses to reduce the risk of eye strain. We have both blue light filtering readers and non-magnified blue light glasses in lots of great styles.

Gifts for Mom

Blue light readers and glasses are a stylish and practical gift that protects your mom’s eyes from the effects of increased screen time. There is an abundance of chic, expressive, and colorful sunglasses in the current market that match different seasons and trends. Make sure to consider her face shape in order to pick out the perfect glasses.

While all face shapes are unique, they mainly fall under the square, round, rectangular, diamond oval, and heart-shaped categories. You can determine your mom’s face shape by looking at the angles, lines, and curves that make up her face. A square shape, for instance, has strong angular jawlines and a broad forehead. You need oval, curved, or round eyeglasses to balance and soften these facial features. Read more about shopping for different face shapes here.

Gifts for Kids

Kids are also at risk of eye damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight and extended digital screen time. Get your kids quality sunglasses to help screen out damaging UVA/UVB light from the sun. Our ScreenVision® glasses for kids and youth filter out harmful frequencies of blue light produced by digital screens like tablets and phones.

Kids eyeglasses must also be sturdy enough to withstand an active toddler's stumbles, drops, scrapes, and stomps. ICU Eyewear offers stylish yet affordable and durable glasses featuring scratch-resistant lenses and flexible frames.

Choose ICU Eyewear Gifts for the Person That Has Everything

If you’ve already found the perfect pair of readers or sunglasses, you may want to get some accessories to compliment your gift. Some stocking stuffer gifts worth considering include:

• Premium lens wipes
• Cleaning and Repair Kit
• Eyeglass leash
• Neoprene Sunglasses Retainer
• Gift cards

Sunglasses, Readers, Blue Light Glasses and their accessories are unique and affordable stocking stuffers to add to your gift list. Check out ICU Eyewear’s extensive collection of stylish eyewear and accessories for the perfect Christmas present.