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How to Find the Perfect Glasses for Your Face Shape

Finding the Right Glasses

Finding a perfect pair of stylish reading glasses can be challenging. Perhaps you saw a unique pair of fashionable readers on someone and decided to search for a similar pair for yourself. Were you surprised when they looked completely different on you?

If you're having difficulty finding a pair of reading glasses that fit you, then exploring your face shape will help. With a bit of knowledge about your face shape, you can find an abundance of fashionable readers that will look like they were crafted specifically for you.

Everyone's face is unique in its nuances but faces generally fall into five shape categories.

What is your face shape?

Glasses for Oval Faces

Oval faces have curves as well. However, oval face shapes also have a slightly narrower forehead and chin, which give the face a somewhat elongated appearance.

If you have an oval face shape, you're lucky. That's because most reading glasses look good on oval faces. To fit the nuances of your face, you'll want to consider your bone structure. If you have bold cheekbones, something with softer angles may contrast well. On the other hand, if you display more roundness, then feel free to contrast with strong angles in your frames.

Glasses for Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces look exactly as they sound. They are the widest at the brow, feature high cheekbones, and gradually narrow on the way to the chin.

Heart-shaped faces do well with wider glasses that balance the width at the top of the head. You should consider trying some fashionable winged-out readers or a modified wayfarer shape. Also, if you want any detailing, make sure it's at the bottom of your frames.

Glasses for Round Faces

Round faces are all about symmetry. If you have a round face, it will curve softly all the way around. Round faces usually have full cheeks and rounded chins. 

If you have a round face, consider adding some bolder angles to contrast your gentle curves. Having a round face offers you the chance to make bold choices like rectangular or square glasses with striking angles and clean lines.

Glasses for Square Faces

Square and rectangular face types tend to have strong angles framing their face. The jawline will have a clean line leading up to the forehead.

If you have a square face, look for thinner frames and softer angles on your glasses to balance. Glasses that are more circular or oval-shaped and go over your cheekbones will look great contrasting your strong features. Similar rules apply if you have a rectangular face, but you may want to look for slightly larger frames.

Glasses for Diamond Faces

Diamond faces are defined by their full cheeks and prominent cheekbones. Foreheads and chins may be a bit narrower, creating the diamond shape.

If you have a diamond face shape, then choosing larger frames with curves will bring attention to your eyes while softening some of your more angular features. You're lucky; diamond faces lend themselves to fun and stylish reading glasses such as D-frames and cat-eyes.