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Blue Light Sale!

All Adult Blue Light Styles are $19.99
Kids Blue Light 17.99!

Protect Your Eyes From Harmful Blue Light

Why ScreenVision™ by ICU Eyewear?

ScreenVision™ blue light blocking eyewear is a fashionable way to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of digital light. A specially engineered, 0 magnification lens reduces the amount of harmful blue light (400-455 nm range), while still allowing healthy blue light (465-495 nm) through the lens. 

In addition to shielding your eyes from harmful blue light, ScreenVision™ eyewear also provides protection from glare with a long lasting lens coating. And finally, although virtually tint free, ScreenVision™ provides 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays. 

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Is Blue Light Bad For Me?

 Aside from healthy amounts of natural sunlight, we are all now increasingly exposed to unhealthy amounts of artificial blue light from digital screens: televisions, computers, tablets and smart phones.