ScreenVisionâ„¢ - ScreenVisionâ„¢ Youth - Jenner Blue Light Glasses - Zero - ICU Eyewear

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ScreenVision™ Youth - Jenner

Frame Size: Small

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Youth sized ages 8-12.

ScreenVision™ is our answer to unwanted blue light. Most of us spend hours in front of screens; computer, pad or phones. Excessive blue light created from these screens can cause eye fatigue and even disrupt sleep. Our blue light blocking glasses, have zero magnification but block out up to 30% of harmful blue light. Say goodbye to scratchy and red eyes, headaches, and sleepless nights with our ScreenVision™ blue light blocking glasses.

  • Spring-Hinged Frame
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protective Lenses

    Frame Specifications

    Frame Shape: Round | Find the Perfect Glasses for Your Face Shape

    Size by Frame Width:  Small: 122mm - 134mm (4.80in - 5.27in)   Medium: 135mm - 139mm (5.31in - 5.47in)   Large: 140mm and up (5.51in).

    Frame Width

    Frame Width: 132 mm (5.2in)

    Lens Height

    Lens Height: 38 mm (1.5in)

    Lens Width

    Lens Width: 46 mm (1.81in)

    Bridge Width

    Bridge Width: 16 mm (0.63in)

    Temple Length

    Temple Length: 138 mm (5.43in)

    *dimensions may vary slighty*

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