Free Shipping on All Orders Over $49

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $49

Prescription Sunglasses

What’s the single most important safety measure any outdoorsman, angler or waterman can take? Protecting the eyes, of course! See where you’re driving, where you’re shooting or where you’re casting better than ever before with Guideline Eyegear’s polarized prescription eyewear.

Guideline Eyegear offers a wide assortment of our rugged and stylish frames with polarized prescription lenses at affordable prices.

With Guideline’s Rx program, we now offer most Guideline frames and lens tints made to order with your prescription. Starting at $199, Guideline Eyegear can build both single-vision and bifocal polarized sunglasses in either CR39 or polycarbonate lenses.

• Make sure you have a current Rx from your eye doctor, it’s very important to have your PD or pupillary distance measured as well as your common axis measurements. You will need your PD to complete the order.

• If you’re prescription parameters fall within this range: sphere +3.00 to -4.00 with a cylinder up to +/-2.50, we can make a pair of glasses for you! 

• Once you have your Rx, you can give us a call at 866.842.3474 and select your frames and lenses.

• We will double check your prescription with you in advance of processing your order. It’s our highest priority to ensure we have the correct information as Rx orders are non-refundable once production begins.

If you have any questions regarding the process necessary for obtaining Guideline Rx Polarized Sunglasses, please feel free to contact us! We take great pride in making our Rx program a priority for you.