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A CarbonNeutral® Company

ICU Eyewear doesn't just believe in offering stylish readers to those in need; we believe in caring for our planet too. That's why we're proud to be Carbon Neutral Certified by Climate Impact Partners

At ICU Eyewear, we believe the world is worth seeing for everyone. That's why our commitment to providing stylish, affordable reading glasses to people of all ages shines through in all we do, but some may not know that we're equally committed to contributing to an environment that everyone wants to see. 

To that end, we've pioneered sustainability in the reading glasses industry, to the extent that we've been Carbon Neutral Certified by Climate Impact Partners since 2013 — a title that few others in our field have held at all, let alone for so long. 

What it Means to Be Carbon Neutral Certified

It takes a lot to be certified as a Carbon Neutral organization, but our collaboration with Climate Impact Partners has made that possible. Since nearly every physical process involves carbon on some level, carbon neutrality is achieved by minimizing your carbon consumption during production, and offsetting the rest by funding carbon-saving partners at the end. Here's how we do both: 

Production. On the manufacturing side, we were the first company to reduce our carbon footprint by introducing bioplastic and bamboo for our frames. On the supply side, both the shipping from our factories to the distribution centers in California and the shipping to customers across the U.S. are Certified Carbon Neutral — and even our business operations (including a remote CA-based workforce) are carbon neutral too.

Partnerships. We believe in making a global impact at ICU, so we offset our carbon consumption by funding a sustainability project at home and abroad. Domestically, our Seneca Meadows Landfill Project provides clean electricity by capturing landfill gas (LFG) from the solid waste facility nearby, and improves or creates 580 acres of wetlands at the same time. Overseas, the Danjiang River Solar Cookers Project provides locals with solar-energy collection cookers to help them cook their rice, saving them time, money, and air quality as they no longer have to search for coal to do the job.

CarbonNeutral® Products

Working to reduce the carbon footprint of every pair of eyewear we sell.

We calculate and offset 120% of the emissions created by our raw materials before they reach us, and we do the same for emissions from the transportation of our finished products to the customers. So not only is ICU Eyewear CarbonNeutral® as a company, so are the products we sell.

Our Primary Carbon Sources

From our first-of-its-kind manufacturing process to our global conscience, ICU Eyewear is proud to take every step we can to make this world a more beautiful place to see — and to offer the stylish readers that customers need to see it. The world is worth seeing, and we want to keep it that way.